What is halal foods?

Every year of Ramadan are having 30 days which is a complete month, it falls in the month in the mid-year. Usually this time, all the Muslims will be fasting and choose not to eat and drink before 7pm. After 7pm, the time when they break their fasting, they all will only eat the foods which are considered as “halal” which also known as permissible under the Islamic law.

In this golden period of time for all the food company, they are all growing their profit rapidly and strongly as “frozen” seasons, this is the peak duration for them to boost up their profit by earning more sales than the normal period of month.

No matter whether they are old or young Muslims, or even non-Muslims, this time they are all craving for the “halal” food the most. Therefore, we can see many street food market started to appear more and more during this period of time of the year.

Under the Islamic law, food which contains blood, alcohol or any other intoxicants, pork, meat of carnivorous animals like wolves or coyotes, birds of prey such as vultures, amphibians, snakes or any type of animal that live on land and water like frogs are not in the “halal”. Meat and any kind of poultry that is halal only if the animals are conscious when slaughtered and bleed out before they die.

In order to justify the food that is totally proof as halal, the Islamic jurisprudence tested the religious sources, the first is the passages involved in the Quran, the sayings and customs of the Prophet Muhammad that was jot down by his followers and are known as the “Hadith” and was ruled by the religious scholar.

One of the facts that makes halal chicken stood out from the crowd is because the Muslims are allowed to eat chicken and also other type of “halal’ animals, as long as the animals are killed used a method called “dhabihah”.

All of the Muslims are not able to consume any type of food which contains blood, or any part in the animal body such as gallbladder, bladder or reproductive organs etc.

After the animal’s throat has been cut, blood will be started to drain from the animal’s body.

The British Halal Food Authority allows water-bath stunning where chickens are put in water which is then electrified with the aim of paralysing them prior to slaughter.

However, the new Kashmir Halal Meat Centre has many objections about this halal method by the people out there that arguing about the birds are paralysed but not stunned.

Muslim abattoirs in the UK are exempt, on religious grounds, from laws that require all kind of animals to be stunned before they are killed.

To conclude what I said just now, Halal Chicken Supplier Singapore have high potential to extend its market to bigger in the near future due to the high demand of “halal” food from customer. The halal market in other countries are started to expand bigger and bigger from time to time as well.

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