Brand identity is defined as the visual representation of your brand and company. Your brand identity needs to be recognizable and extraordinary to ensure that your potential customers will think of your brand when they need your products or services. Apart from that, you need to ensure that your brand identity is consistent as your potential custo7 mers might fail to recognise your new brand identity if you did not make any announcement about your brand relaunch.

There are a few strategies for your reference:

1. Clarify your brand purpose and its position

Before you proceed on with other strategies, you should clarify your brand purpose and its position. This is because you should know who are your target audiences and why you are providing your services or products. Brand positioning is the action of positioning a good first impression in your potential customers’ mind to differentiate your brand with your opponents’. Define your brand identity with its purpose and selling points follow by creating a strong brand position in your potential customers’ mind would be ideal for your brand.

2. Do some research

Research allows you to understand more about your potential customers to identify which marketing strategy is ideal to attract more customers. You can design your brand characteristics and identity based on your customers’ needs and demand. Furthermore, research can help you to determine what your opponents’ brand have and you will know what to do to excel better than them.

3. Create a remarkable logo and supportive slogan

Remarkable logo and slogan will remain in your potential customers’ mind. A logo is exposed more to your potential customers more often than your employees marketing them. Your logo needs to match with your brand identity and its characteristics. For example, if your brand’s potential customers are children, you can design it with a playful and colourful theme to attract kids’ attention.

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